Health & Safety

Molati Attorneys have identified the need to have a sustainable business approach when dealing with Health & Safety. We also want to make a significant impact on communities’ health and safety.

Health & Safety Management Strategy

We believe that our Health and Safety policy forms a fundamental role and contributes to our Sustainability strategy. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders. This is the key objective of our Health and Safety Management strategy. 

We will achieve our strategic objectives by:

Identifying, evaluating and mitigating our health and safety risks

Maintaining compliance with relevant legislation

Establishing Health & Safety management systems based on International Standards

Designing, Developing and Implementing a Health & Safety culture programme

Protecting our employees against Health & Safety risks

Integrating Health & Safety e-learning programs into the business

Improving Health & Safety awareness through education, skills development, awareness training and regular communication to employees and the community

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