4IR refers to the increasingly common use of smart and disruptive technologies to not only change the way we work, but effectively impact on the way we carry out our everyday lives.

Since the conceptualised idea of 4IR, in 2015, technological ideas have been exploding at a phenomenal rate

4IR is transforming entire Economies and Communities

4IR challenges businesses to re-evaluate and tighten their process flows. This creates exciting and unique opportunities for entrepreneurs to design, create and manufacture cost-effective and innovative solutions for businesses.

A developing country like South Africa needs appropriate technologies and appropriate ideas, not the imposition of global templates. 

You've come to the right place

Molati Attorneys is looking for creative thinkers to be part of our exciting 4IR Programme. Contact us today to help you test and communicate your innovative ideas that could change the way we do business forever.

Areas of technology we are interested in:

  • Job creation for professionals such as attorneys, developers and engineers
  • Youth Employment and Empowerment
  • Safety and Security
  • Self-service and management
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Expedited communication and information sharing