Molati Attorneys embraces the view that social investment is an important component of transforming our nation. We embrace the importance of making a significant impact in the local, regional and national communities across South Africa.

Our Vision

Our company is a collective of amazing people
striving to build better communities

Our aim is to promote financial literacy, social development and contribute to youth empowerment through holistic development, particularly in underprivileged communities and also to empower communities with self-help skills in support of growth and development.

Focus Areas

Our initiatives are externally focussed and the key areas have been defined as:

Financial literacy


Budget Allocation

Educational, development and training


Budget Allocation

Community development and empowerment


Budget Allocation

We will also invest in:

Social welfare programmes

Arts, culture and sport development

Health - HIV/Aids, Cancer awareness and education

Helping SMME's

Sustainability Objectives

We shall strive to achieve the following objectives:

  • Contributing to educational development and growth.
  • Improving the quality of life in the community.
  • Developing financial literacy initiatives.
  • Contributing to the social and economic well being of communities.
  • Fostering a spirit of cooperation and partnership with stakeholders.
  • Advocate for constitutional law as a subject in basic education cluster.
  • Enhancing the Law Firm’s image.

Sustainability Pillars

The Molati Attorneys Sustainability Strategy is guided by
specific objectives and targets across its three pillars of sustainability